its pretty cool in a world
full of people
you found each other. 

isnt that amazing!?

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I understand and deeply appreciate the significance of this moment, this milestone, the beginning of your legacy. This is not just important, it's monumental and deserves to be celebrated accordingly. Im here, fully invested in your story.

Avg Wedding Investment: $4,000 

my philosophy as a wedding photographer

I've been in your shoes, its a giddy and amazing feeling to know you've found the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. The person you are committed to loving and nurturing through sickness + health, through not closing the shower curtain, and picking up clothes thrown on the floor. This is the start of your journey of spending your life with your partner and enjoying, savoring, crying, supporting until the end of time. To say this isn't a big deal is foolish, its one of the most important decisions of your life and it should be celebrated accordingly. Now, that doesnt mean it needs to be an extravagent celebration, but the memories and moments from the day you vow to be with your person forever are invaluable. 

My job as a wedding photographer are to preserve those moments in the most honest way. I'm looking to capture the emotion of your closest friends and family around you, the laughter of friends reminicing on old memories of when you were growing up,  the tears that are streaming down faces as you walk down the isle, the hugs and cheek kisses from grandma + grandpa, the guests wild dance moves as they are enjoying their favorite songs, and most importantly the two of you savoring and enjoying every second of getting married. The day can go fast and can seem like a blur, which is why i'm here to document it so you can relive the day over and over again. 

If this is as big of a deal to you as it is to me, then we are likely a good fit. I would love to set up a consult with you and go over your love story and how I can best serve you on one of the most important days of your life.