Originally, I thought I was going to go to school to be a fashion merchandiser. but, my senior year of high school I picked up my first camera and intantly fell in love with photographing humans. There was an emotional appeal to looking at someone through the viewfinder and creating a tangible piece of art. Every since then i've been working on my craft allowing the people around me to be the inspiration. Each passing year, I crave to try something new and create art. I feel most in my element and create my best work when people trust me and are willing to go beyond the norm. 

I have two kiddo's, and spend my time with them and my husband. Together, we live a low-key life craving time living in the mundane and enjoy nature and peaceful places. 

I'm drawn to emotion, aesthetic, and romance. 

est photographer since 2009

About Chelsie 

Creating impactful imagery is the heart and soul of my business. I want you to fall in love with your photos and be proud to share them with the world.

I have an 800 sqft 12 ft ceiling space of my own. We built it mid 2020 after a tree fell on our existing structure. My studio is flooded with natural light (but often shoot with strobes as well) and is a clean slate to style the shoot however is necessary and helpful to the client. My clean slate space allows for verstatile styling and timeless photographs. I often have a variety of nuetral tone seamless backdrops, a few handpainted drops, a handcrafted concrete wall, and industrial style simple concrete floor. I love this space because it allows for me and my clients to create something just for them rather than be overwhelmed with decor that may or may not go out of style in the next season. 

My studio is located in my backyard, and you may or may not see our large flock of chickens or ducks pecking at the glass garage door once in a while begging to be in the photos. 

My Studio